I Got You


    I Got You


    Del was a new therapist assigned in Zamboanga and Louie was her first patient, a soldier with PTSD. Del needed assurance in her ability to change and fix people while Louie wanted to believe in life again. It was a whirlwind romance and Del was ready to marry Louie until she found out his intricate web of lies: a girlfriend from his hometown and his AWOL from military service. Louie faked his own death to escape from his responsibilities and the trauma of war. Broken-hearted, Del broke up the relationship and migrated to Spain. Present Day. Del is back in Manila and sets up her own clinic. She has an odd patient named Risa. Risa tells Del she just wants to ask for advice on how to help her boyfriend embrace all his potential. Risa’s boyfriend is Louie. Can Del and Louie commit again to love despite all the pain they’ve caused each other in the past? Or are people bound to go back to their old selves when they are with their old partners? What does it take to genuinely heal? Who do you forgive?


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