Talkback takes a look at the situation in the country 34 years after the peaceful EDSA People Power Revolution which led to the ouster of dictator Ferdinand Marcos. The program sits down with Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Asec. Kris Ablan and UP College of Mass Communication Associate Dean Rachel Khan as press freedom is under attack once again, echoing the media suppression during the Martial Law period. Khan discusses the importance of press freedom as Ablan talks about the similarities and differences during the dictatorship of Marcos and the current government's actions against the press. Khan gives her take on the danger of a president giving statements against the media. Ablan and Khan then comment on personalities, who lived under the dark age of Martial Law, voicing their concerns about the deteriorating state of freedom of speech and expression in the country. Ablan also shares about their operations inside the PCOO including advising the president regarding releasing statements. Later, Khan and Ablan discuss the evolution of media freedom with the introduction of social media and conflicting data from the government. Finally, Khan shares how people can protect their freedom of expression and their right to access information.




    An interactive current affairs program, Talkback empowers its viewers and provides them with a forum where their opinions and views about current social and political issues can be shared and heard. All taking place in real-time, Karmina Constantino engages the public in lively and critical debates and discussions. Talkback provides a fresh perspective of the latest news and currents affairs: that of the people who are directly affected by current events.



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