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"#NoFilter" follows the story of various women from Infanta, Pangasinan, who are struggling to make ends meet amid their longing for their husbands who went missing at sea. Consolacion Meru recalls how her husband went missing while fishing back in 2000. Onjong Igang, a fisherman, details how he survived six days of being lost at sea. Later, Cyrille Monje looks back on the day her husband was found dead at sea after missing for 11 days. Cyrille shares how she manages to raise her children on her own after losing her husband.




#NOFILTER tells narratives that inspire and empower the Filipino through different lenses. Using the most accessible gadgets and other recording devices, #NOFILTER gives the power to tell riveting stories not only to reporters, producers, and directors, but also to the different people featured in each episode.



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