“Local Legends” introduces Gemma Lim, the mother behind Wok With Mom, a home-based restaurant that delivers Chinese food that will take anyone back into the Filipino-Chinese family dining rooms of old Chinatown. Imelda "Oi" Lim, Gemma’s daughter, shares why she decided to launch Wok With Mom, citing her desire to give her mother the opportunity to express her passion for cooking. Gemma then presents the process of patiently cooking the Chinese festive dish called ‘Eight Treasure Chicken.’ She also tells how to gather the proper ingredients for the said dish to make it truly authentic. Old Manila Walks cultural guide Ivan Man Dy then reveals how Gemma’s cooking made him nostalgic.


    Local Legends


    Local Legends is a docuseries that showcases the Filipino workmanship, promotes respect for culture and tradition, and encourages artisans to preserve the proudly Filipino crafts and pass on the skills and knowledge to future generations.


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