An avant garde introduction open each episode with the artists’ self-told journey, complemented by a cinematic and visually rich story-telling element. It is then followed by narrations and images of their inspirations and what they do – the detail, process, tools for their craft. A spotlight of ‘a day in their life’, performances, or live art conveys messages of the methodology, uniqueness, intricacy, and liberation of concept to masterpiece. Their overall delivery finds similarities of humanity between two seemingly opposite media.


    Design + Story


    DESIGN+STORY is an original LN Production -- a spring off from the short-form series, Haute The Record. D+S is a 30-minute program that thoughtfully narrates the romantic, magical, inspired, and colorful journeys of artists. Each episode introduces two artists, side-by-side, in a collaborative narrative on their beginnings, inspiration, craft, and signature style that brought them to fame. Their commitment to producing works of art that are authentic to their story and impeccable in technicality have made them some of the fashion and art world’s most anticipated and recognized, and their designs, most coveted.




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