Phil (Daniel Matsunaga) draws strength from his and Pinang’s (Erich Gonzales) child as he hopes to see Pinang wake up from her coma.


Be My Lady


Pinang (Erich Gonzales) grew up to a simple family with big dreams. To make ends meet, her mother Marcy (Janice De Belen) works in Singapore and tries her luck there in hopes of earning money to reclaim the piece of land her husband Emil (Al Tantay) used to own and uses for farming. But things will not go her way as an unfortunate incident paves way for her to get deported. Phil (Daniel Matsunaga), meanwhile, grew up in a very western and liberated environment. He is independent and lives a very comfortable life with his mother Chelsea (Priscilla Mereilles) in Singapore. A wedding of a dear friend suddenly brings him to the Philippines, which also gives him the long awaited chance of finding his childhood nanny who he want to make amends with. As he searches for a person very dear to him in his past, Phil also finds the woman who will make his heart skip a beat like no other. How will the aggressive Brazilian-Japanaese hunk grab ther eyes of the conservative and very reserved Pinay?


Drama Romance Romantic Comedy Family



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