Will Flor (Ashley Sarmiento) hear Liza's (Rhed Bustamante) prayers and wake up from coma or will she choose to stay with Ida (Jolina Magdangal)?


    Flordeliza with English Subtitles


    Florida (Jolina Magdangal) is a community nurse in Abra who falls in love with Crisanto (Marvin Agustin), a soldier married to Beth (Desiree Del Valle). Despite the guilt, Florida tolerates their amoral affair because of her great love for him. Soon, both will be blessed with a daughter, Flor, who, for seven years was made to believe that they are Crisanto's only family. For a long time, Crisanto was able to maintain the secrecy of maintaining two families. However, fate brings the two families together as Florida ends up being a household help in Beth’s & Crisanto’s house. Here, Florida gets to know Beth & his daughter Liza (Rhed Bustamante) and realizes both are good people. Crisanto sees his dream of having both his families together with him realized. However, soon, Beth is able to confirm Florida & Crisanto's affair and kicks Florida & Flor (Ashley Sarmiento) out of their house. Circumstances worsen as Florida learns that she has cancer and has to choose between saving her life or her baby's. Desperation leads her back to Beth & pleads that she takes care of her baby and promises to cut all communication with Crisanto. Beth agrees to this. However, life for Flor & her baby sister becomes very challenging as Beth & Liza now cradles ill-feelings toward them, knowing they are the fruits of Crisanto's betrayal. But despite being poorly treated, Flor strives to correct the mistake her parents committed & tries to make their family whole again.


    Drama Family



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