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“SOCO” scrutinizes the details about the simple scuffle between neighbors in Barangay Subay, Cardona, Rizal that turned into a violent crime. Resident Marivick Magbo-o Loyola recalls the time their neighbor Randy Mongaya punched her drunk brother Frederick Magbo-o for incessantly convincing Randy to take a swig. Barangay Subay councilor Emelita Gaher gives information about the agreement reached between the Magbo-o family and Randy after the punching incident. Marivick talks about the time Randy and his brother Marvin went to their party and started to stab members of her family, and cries for justice for the death of her husband Reynaldo Loyola. Cardona Police Station investigator on case PO1 Leonard Wal explains why they failed to arrest the Mongaya brothers, and details the charges they filed against the fugitive




SOCO, hosted by Gus Abelgas, carefully blends reality television and investigative journalism. SOCO aims to find definitive answers to some of the most heinous crimes committed in the Philippines. In cooperation with local law enforcement agents and forensic investigators, SOCO, together with host Gus Abelgas, covers all angles of the crime while corroborating witness statements, obtaining concrete evidence, and working out all of the details needed to secure a conviction. SOCO is a fine piece of forensic programming that should not be missed. Catch all the latest SOCO episodes here.


Investigative Journalism



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