"Red Alert" looks back on some memorable stories that were featured on the program in the past five years. Medical intern Charlie Ann Flora Marie Jandic recalls how she rescued a 24-year-old woman who fell on the tracks of MRT-3 and severed her arm in 2017. Then, Real, Quezon resident Bibot Tamares recounts how she and her family survived after being trapped under the rubble of a collapsed evacuation center for 10 days during the wrath of Tropical Depression Winnie in Real, Quezon in 2004. The program also revisits the story of Mariel Molina whose son is suffering from a progressive neurological disorder.


Red Alert


Join Jeff Canoy in Red Alert, an informative current affairs program, as he equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to survive and protect your loved ones from the dangers and calamities that plague the country. Arm yourself with the information that could save your and your family's lives, right here on Red Alert!


Current Affairs



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