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"Red Alert" features two stories of grave scandal that took place inside public transportation vehicles. "Jane" recalls the time she confronted a pervert who flashed his sensitive body part at her while they were riding a packed bus in Makati City. "Kris" looks back when an old man played with himself in front of her while riding a jeepney in San Pedro, Laguna. Clinical psychologist Cristina Lope Rosello explains why people with exhibitionistic disorder conduct indecent exposures in public places. PNP Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Division chief PS/Supt. Angela Rejano discusses the legal repercussions of sexual harassment in public places. Lastly, International Krav Maga Federation regional director for Asia Dindo de Jesus shows ways on how to defend oneself from sexual offenders.


Red Alert


Join Jeff Canoy in Red Alert, an informative current affairs program, as he equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to survive and protect your loved ones from the dangers and calamities that plague the country. Arm yourself with the information that could save your and your family's lives, right here on Red Alert!


Current Affairs



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