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"""The Bottomline"" sits down with Kabayan Partylist Rep. Harry Roque to learn more about his work in Congress. Rep. Roque first shares his opinion on issues such as the recent spat between Congress and the Court of Appeals, the declaration of martial law in Mindanao as well as the lifting of the writ of habeas corpus. He then talks about bills that he is pushing for in Congress such as the universal health care bill. He also raises questions regarding DOH Sec. Paulyn Ubial's stint as health secretary, and points out how she mishandled the distribution of dengue vaccines. Finally, he answers questions from a panel of students regarding health care, the campaign on illegal drugs, the maritime dispute with China, and the implementation of the Free Higher Education Act."


The Bottomline with Boy Abunda


Watch the Philippines' King of Talk, Boy Abunda, in this one of a kind talk show that is as incisive as it is unique in its format and high in concept: The Bottom Line. Every night, Boy Abunda will be joined by a select group of Bottom Liners on different sides of the issue and from different walks of life, all of them with questions that demand an answer. Tito Boy himself will conduct the interview, moderating the discussion and extracting the answers to the questions that the Bottomliners wish to pose to the guest. It’s a talk show that is not all just banter but heavy on process and procedure. Truly a talk show program unlike any other!


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