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"G Diaries" looks back at the beautiful places and rich cultures in the Philippines that it has featured in its first season. Gina Lopez thanks the television viewers for joining her in her journey to showcase the beauty of the Philippines in the first season of “G Diaries.” Masungi Georeserve Foundation Inc. president Ben Dumaliang shares how people ravaged the area to grab its natural resources, and how it recovered from the devastation. Dancing with Winged Angels Roy Rodriguez talks about the culture of the Palawan tribe, and recalls the first time he met the natives in the island. Certified skimboarding instructors Ian Advincula and Frank Suyom Jr. discusses how preserving the environment and the beauty of Dulag, Leyte's coasts can help protect their livelihood.


G Diaries


G Diaries is more than just a travel show. Gina Lopez takes you on an adventure around the Philippines, highlighting ecotourism and how Philippine tourist sites are now adapting a more environmental friendly approach. G Diaries is directed by esteemed Hollywood director, Wil Harper.



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