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Rated K looks back on Elsa Droga Mendoza's journey to becoming a grand finalist of ""It's Showtime"" Miss Q and A. Korina Sanchez-Roxas meets with Vanessa Esposia who is suffering from congenital glaucoma. The program then takes the four-year-old girl to an eye specialist to check her eye condition. Korina also introduces 22-year-old Edison Carag who became viral online for his comedic style of hunting asimwa. Lastly, the program learns how to prepare food that Filipinos crave for during the rainy season.


Rated K with English Subtitles


Everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s stories add up. Rated K is an intensive and incisive piece of hard-hitting human interest journalism. Join Korina Sanchez as she seeks out people from all walks of life and wherever they might be to weave together everyone’s individual stories to paint a larger picture of the society and culture we inhabit and the people that surround and compose our lives. The world is made up of all our stories and voices. Come and hear what everyone has to tell. With English Subtitles.



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