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"Rated K" visits the sets of "La Luna Sangre" in Project 4, Quezon City and in Tanay, Rizal. Viral star and 11-year-old honor student Claudio Hinampas III talks about his amusing style in campaigning for the Grade 7 Representative post in Tagum City National High School. Disabled banana cue vendor Shayne Saguban shares how she coped from the past challenges in her life. Song parody maker Vic Desucatan tells how he found his long lost mother through social media. Twenty-year-old businesswoman Glenda Victorio shares her successful life story.


Rated K with English Subtitles


Everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s stories add up. Rated K is an intensive and incisive piece of hard-hitting human interest journalism. Join Korina Sanchez as she seeks out people from all walks of life and wherever they might be to weave together everyone’s individual stories to paint a larger picture of the society and culture we inhabit and the people that surround and compose our lives. The world is made up of all our stories and voices. Come and hear what everyone has to tell. With English Subtitles.



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