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Though the Philippines continues to enjoy unparalleled growth in the region, not all of our brothers and sisters are able to reap its benefits. The government acknowledges that this growth is hardly inclusive, but what steps are being taken to ensure that real development reaches the proverty and clamity stricken sectors of the country? This and more as Coco Alcuaz puts Philippine development into focus.


ANC Presents: Philippine Development in Focus


The Philippines has experienced booming growth in recent years, with economic development outpacing many of its South East Asian neighbors, However, the country still faces many social, economic, and political problems that must be addressed before real development can happen. Is the recent economic growth reaching every socio-economic sector? Will there be any real resolution to the widespread cases of graft and plunder that have rocked the country? Will reforms set in motion by the Aquino administration lose momentum come the 2016 presidential elections? And has there been any true progress in the rehabilitation of Tacloban months after Yolanda? Find out all the answers to these questions at ANC Presents: Philippine Development in Focus. ANC anchor Coco Alcuaz takes a deep look into these issues as we try to forge a path forward towards true and meaningful development in this special ANC documentary series. Uncover the current status of the country with ANC Presents: Philippine Development in Focus.


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