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“My Puhunan” travels to Bauang, La Union to have a taste of Lomboy Farms’ sweet grapes and wine products. Lomboy Farms owner Avelino Lomboy explains why he decided to start a vineyard 46 years ago, and shares why he imparts his knowledge to other grape farmers in the country. Gracia Lomboy, Avelino’s daughter, says they have been helping their community grow in terms of agri-tourism since 1972, and features the types of wine, fruit products, and other services they offer to tourists. Avelino and Gracia also talk about the importance of determination and perseverance when it comes to establishing and maintaining a vineyard business. Later, the program, Lomboy Farms, and the DTI hold a Kabuhayan Caravan in Barangay Cambaly, Bagulin, La Union to teach income-generating ideas to aspiring entrepreneurs in the community.


My Puhunan


My Puhunan: ang katuwang sa pagsimula at tagumpay. Join My Puhunan host Karen Davila as she sets out in search of uplifting stories of people who succeeded in changing their lives for the better. My Puhunan serves as an inspiration to families everywhere who hope for a better life and brighter future. Get inspired as you dream for a better future by watching My Puhunan with Karen Davila.


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