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Feng Shui

2012 | 1h48m


Believing that living far away from the prying eyes of her in-laws will bring her the luck she and her family have been waiting for; superstitious Joy (Kris Aquino) gladly moves to a new house together with her husband Inton (Jay Manalo) and their two children. One day, Joy stumbles upon a strange 'bagua' which she excitingly brings into her home - trusting the tremendous luck it attracts. Good fortune indeed rains on Joy the minute she brings in the mysterious 'bagua'; an instant job promotion, a grand entertainment showcase and an inheritance from a generous client. But then, Joy learns that the 'bagua' she has welcomed into her home carries a curse that claims the lives of people around her right after "good-luck" comes around. Can Joy find a way to put an end to the wretched curse of the 'bagua' and protect her family before it consumes her whole family?


Kris Aquino


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