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Salamat Dok

Episode 9 of 13 | February 10, 2018 | 33m



"“Salamat Dok” features the story of five-year-old Aero Tanglao who has an atrial septal defect. Aero's parents Eloisa Sangcap and Allan Tanglao recount the struggles of their son to live a normal life due to his condition. Thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Avelino Aventura Jr. explains the major operation done to treat Aero. The Philippine Heart Center and the Rotary Club of Manila talk about the ""Save a Heart Save a Life"" program, which seeks to help the less fortunate who are suffering from heart and cardiovascular diseases. Cardiologist Dr. Maria Blanca de Guzman enumerates the food and fruits that can help prevent heart diseases. "