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Salamat Dok

Episode 7 of 12 | September 02, 2017 | 50m



"Salamat Dok"" discusses the causes, telltale signs, and therapies for epilepsy with Dr. Mel Michel Villaluz and Dr. Marc Fernandez. They also weigh in on the passage of House Bill 180 or the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. Raquel Sabariza recalls the time when she developed a tumor in her abdominal area after undergoing surgery, and talks about her son's tumor. Doctors Rey Salinel, Dustin Joshua Lim, and Erika Ng Tsai check the condition of Raquel Sabariza's and her son Nathan's tumor. Food and Nutrition Research Institute nutritionist-dietician Josie Gonzales talks about the high sugar content, artificial flavors, and synthetic vitamins that can be found in powdered fruit juice. "