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Wishes do come true with Wako Wako.
Muymuy will do his best to save his mother.
Ukaw Ukaw threatens Isay`s life.
Dado finds a way to trick Muymuy and Wako Wako.
Marishka's life will be in great danger.
Marishka continue to give messages from beyond to save Muymuy and his friends.
Jonas wants to warn Muymuy and Barkan.
Will Dado free Ukaw Ukaw?
The Dark Shadow slowly terrorizes everyone's lives.
Rodel's family regroups to track Dado easier.
Will Dado find a way to be an arukan?
Will Muymuy's powers help his family get away from danger?
Dado carries on with his evil plans against Rodel.
Wako Wako must look for his bestfriend, Muymuy.
Will Muymuy lose Wako Wako again?
A mysterious elderly Arukan answers Muymuy and Barkan's questions.
Muymuy and Barkan continue to journey to save the Arukans and Dyosa Marishka.
Bechay`s greed may bring her to harm`s way.
Will Ukaw get back to Arukanan?
Almost everyone wants to have riches in life.
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Date Aired: March 4, 2012
No. of Episodes: 58

Seven-year-old boy Muymuy wants nothing more than to make his father proud of him. But as a respected policeman, all Muumuy’s father wants is for his son to show a little courage, which is difficult for him given his meek and cowardly nature. But Muymuy is going to have to learn to change when he befriends a magical creature named Wako who has the power to grant his every wish. While at first, Muymuy uses his new friend’s powers to help his family, he will soon realize that everything has a price and that he may have to pay for more than what he bargained for. Join Muymuy and Wako on their magical adventures!

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