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What life awaits for Olive, Sheryl and Jen now that they are together?
Sheryl can't help but feel depressed with everything that has happened in her life.
Everyone`s worried of Sheryl`s condition.
Sheryl`s life will be in great peril.
Lanie runs away from the police.
Lanie hides from the police.
Lanie testifies against Olivia.
Sheryl finds Lanie`s actions very questionable.
Jenny receives outpouring support at Alicia`s wake.
Sheryl is determined to free Olivia.
Jenny and Sheryl look for clues to exonerate Olivia from Alicia`s murder.
The investigation on Donya Alicia`s death proceeds.
Olivia is the primary suspect in Alicia`s death.
Olivia was accused by Alicia`s death.
Alicia asks for Jenny`s help to find Sheryl.
There's more to Sheryl`s vacation than she expects.
Olivia tries solve the mystery behind the baby in the grave.
Doña Alicia gets to spend more time with Sheryl. Matitiis pa rin kaya ni Doña Alicia...
Sheryl sees Alicia`s good side.
Sheryl wonders why Alicia favors her.
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Date Aired: January 12, 2012
No. of Episodes: 116

After 20 years of imprisonment, Olivia vows to find her daughters and rebuild her family. She later finds out that her daughters grew up separately, not even knowing each others' existence. Can a mother win back the love from daughters who never knew she existed?

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