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Has evil been victorious or will love still prevail as Daniel and Katerina's story...
Will another life be sacrificed amid the fight for true love?
Can Daniel save Katerina before Emily also falls into Miguel's trap?
Can Marco and Daniel still stop Emily from facing Miguel?
A poison seeps faster than Margaret's hope for freedom.
The party masks the faces of evil that want to destroy Daniel and his family.
Evil will steal from evil as Miguel wants his money back.
Will Tomas use Nathan as his last weapon to destroy Daniel?
What could possibly happen if Nathan finds out that Katerina and Daniel are already...
After all the trials that Daniel and Katerina went through, their true love will...
Katerina and Daniel are getting ready for their wedding.
Tomas' love for Johanna will be tested. Will Tomas still push with his evil plan...
What could be Tomas and Miguel's next move now that Daniel is also part of their...
A dead man returns to haunt Emily once again.
Will it be happily ever after for Daniel and Katerina, even if Nathan insists on...
Nathan is getting worst and he is desperate to stop Daniel and Katerina from leaving.
Nathan sees Katerina's pregnancy as an opportunity to win her back.
Hanggang kailan maitatago nila Daniel at Katerina na si Nathan ang totoong ama ng...
Nathan learns about Katerina's pregnancy but will he discover that the baby is actually...
Miguel may have failed with his plans but Tomas is still out to destroy Daniel.
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Date Aired: January 3, 2012
No. of Episodes: 203

Hanggang saan aabot ang pag-iibigang nababalot ng maraming pagkukunwari at kasinungalingan? Three generations caught in the intricate web of love, sacrifice, hatred and deception. Will true love prevail upon the powers of wealth and ambition? Marco (Richard Gomez), only heir to a flourishing winery, falls in love with Emily (Dawn Zulueta), a poor farmer's daughter. He decides to marry her, leaving his mother, Margaret, shocked and furious. Determined to break Marco and Emily apart, Margaret plots against Emily, forcing the latter and her father to leave the winery. Feeling neglected, Emily harbors anger and hatred for Marco. She later finds out she is pregnant but ends up bearing a lifeless baby. Years with nothing but revenge in her heart, Emily does everything to destroy Marco, his family and their business.

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