My Binondo Girl

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Jade stands up to what is right and what she believes in.
Jean wants to prove that Edison just framed her up.
Andy and Onyx's lives are in danger.
Edison wants to get even with Jean.
Jade faces new beginning in Twin Dragons.
How long can Chen fight for his life?
Zheny grows weary as she discovers more about Chen's health.
Chen's health worsens.
Onyx falters after losing Jade from Andy.
Jade says yes to Andy's proposal before Onyx's arrival.
A family trip opens more doors for Andy and Jade.
Another girl comes in the way of Andy and Jade's rekindling relationship.
Zheny tells Chen that she can't marry him.
Amethyst hopes the best for her family.
Chen and Zheny give their love another chance.
Lola Amor feels that Zeny and Jade are leaving her out.
Andy cooks his way to win Jade's heart.
Jade lays the ground rules for their marriage.
Edison makes sure that his plans doesn't falter.
Andy and Jade keep up with their image as husband and wife.
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Date Aired: August 21, 2011
No. of Episodes: 110

Handa ka bang magpanggap na ibang tao para lang makuha ang pagmamahal? Jane Sy would do anything just to be accepted and loved by her father, even it it means she would have to pretend to be a man. As she pretends to be Andy, Jane is accepted by her father and earns his love and respect as well. Pero hanggang kailan niya ba maitatago ang kanyang tunay na pagkatao?

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