Cheche Lazaro Presents

Cheche Lazaro Presents

Cheche Lazaro Presents
Date aired: June 18, 2011
Number of episodes: 12

Cheche Lazaro Presents is a special investigative documentary and public service affairs programs that is dedicated to bringing to light various issues, whether social or political, that are of absolute relevance to the Filipino people.


Cheche Lazaro Presents - Episodes

Cheche Lazaro Presents - Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso

It is the month of weddings and happily ever-afters, or are they? Cheche Lazaro probes into...

Cheche Lazaro Presents - Pinoy Hits

Cheche Lazaro steps into the world of music to explore what makes the Filipino such a great...

Cheche Lazaro Presents - Hapag Ng Pag-Asa

Easter Sunday stands as an occassion for hope for Christians everywhere, marking the day Jesus...

Cheche Lazaro Presents - Panahon Na

In 2009, we thought no storm in a hundred years could match the devastation caused by typhoon...

Cheche Lazaro Presents - COCOrakot

As the public cries in outrage over the recent revelations of the 10 Billion Peso Pork Barrel...

Cheche Lazaro Presents - Ratings and Reviews

Top Reviews

Angelina Joya: "This teleserye is about how important family is in one's life."
Keri Uy: "Good vibe LizQuen! very candid. Enjoyed watching them, and Luis is so funny!"
US CHAMP: "Jodi's acting is superb! Even if she doesn't utter any word, just a facial expression, she...

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