100 Days To Heaven

100 Days To Heaven - Episodes

Anna proves how worthy she is to enter the gates of heaven.
Anna does all she can to save Sophia from Miranda.
Sophia falls into Miranda's wrath.
Miranda loses all her morals after Bobby's mishap.
Sophia accepts the ownership of The Toy Company.
Will Bobby and Miranda face or run away from the law?
Anna gets the truth out of Baldo.
Sophia seeks justice for Bruce.
Bruce holds on to his dear life after saving Anna.
Baldo proves his worth to Miranda.
Bobby and Miranda wants to know little Anna's secret.
Anna and Sophia teams up to save The Toy Company and it's workers.
Ana and Sophia call a truce to dwell on bigger problems.
Ana finds a way to reach out to Sophia.
Jessica goes crazy after losing the company.
Bobby and Miranda seem to be winning the battle for ownership of The Toy Company.
Sophia is very vulnerable in swaying to Bobby's dirty tactics.
Anna makes a bold move before Bobby finds out the truth about Tricia.
Anna confronts her mom about their past.
Anna must start to look for her mother.
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Date Aired: May 8, 2011
No. of Episodes: 140

Anna Manalastas (played by Connie Reyes), a cruel and heartless toy magnate, dies in a car explosion and is denied from entering the Gates of Heaven. Desperate to keep her soul from suffering in hell, Anna puts her good negotiation skills to use. She strikes a deal with the Gate Keeper and is sent back to earth for a hundred days to prove her worth. But things got complicated when she wakes up as a helpless 7-year old. Young Anna (played by Xyriel Manabat) then befriends Sophia Delgado (played by Jodi Sta. Maria) who tries to help her free her soul and in the process, save her toy company. Can Anna save her soul and make amends with people she used to know in 100 days?

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