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Everyone is sure to overcome every obstacle and any pain as long as they live with...
Via gets ready to board a bus to hell.
Via gives an offer to Selina that she won't be able to resist.
Will Nicole be able to sway her mom in doing good?
Selina plots a new scheme against Pereiras.
Will Via make it in time to save her parents?
Selina finally lays her hands on Fernando and Magda.
Gabriel finally accepts Rocco as his father.
Kate sees right through Gabriel`s heart and makes him realize that he is in love...
Ysmael finally had enough of selina's devious acts.
Via and Magda tremble hard after seeing Fernando`s fatal condition.
Fernando believes that they should leave town before Selina strikes again.
Selina barges in the Pereira mansion after discovering that Via has been playing...
Nicole expresses her anger and dissapointment with her mother.
Michael and Via deliver shocking news.
Anton asks for Rocco's help to sabotage Selina.
Magda kidnaps Nicole to get back at Selina.
Rocco and Magda must protect Gabriel by all means.
Anton asks for Rocco's help to sabotage Selina.
Gabriel becomes emotional after discovering who his real father is.
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Date Aired: March 25, 2011
No. of Episodes: 97

All her life, Via has been treated by her father, Don Fernando. But unknown to Via, her real mother was a maid that had worked for Fernando and his sister Selina. Upon Via's 18th birthday, she is kidnapped and the mastermind is no other but her aunt, Selina. Via is saved by Gabriel, who is Magda's adoptive son. Will mother and daughter ever be reunited?

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