Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin

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Alexander and Javier finally work together to save all of their loved ones.
Lora will find a way to make Allondra taste her own medicine.
Tomas finds a way to escape and save Lora.
Lora feels excitement, happiness and anger after learning of his twins, Alexander...
How can the Alexander's family secrets bring them peace?
Edgardo won't rest until he finds out who killed his daughter, Gabrielle.
Rosa suffers blow after blow as she discovers more secrets about her past.
Alexander is very close in discovering who is behind Javier unruly actions.
Alexander feels first hand the effects of Javier's wrath.
Alexander tries to correct Javier's mistakes.
Javier takes a step back from his plan to save Gabrielle from danger.
Gabrielle goes in deep Javier's secret.
Allondra warns Javier not to blow his cover.
Gabrielle feels guilty in breaking up Alexander and Krista.
Javier steps on Alexander's shoes once again to ruin his twin's life.
Gabrielle continues to give her all out support to Alexander and Krista's relationship....
General Jaime Sebastiano is convinced that Javier is guilty of his crime.
Javier wants to escape from the hands of the police to prove his innocence.
Allondra lures Lora closer to make her suffer.
Will Lora go back to the Sebastiano mansion?
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Date Aired: March 4, 2011
No. of Episodes: 118

Cast: Coco Martin

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