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Mutya does everything to calm the sea, stop the waves, save the mermaids, and bring...
Octopina launches a full blast war!
How long will Mutya be held captive in the circus?
Mutya enjoys the life of being the mermaid princess.
Cordella wants to take Mutya to Manila away from Irvin and the mermaids.
Mutya won't be fully happy without her whole family.
Octopina plots ahead to lure Mutya to her lair.
Mutya reveals her fins to her classmate after she sets off to see Irvin.
Delilah's karma gets back at her.
Irvin loses hope in winning the heart of Cordella.
Please be advised that all ABS-CBN programs will not be airing from April 21 to 23...
Please be advised that all ABS-CBN programs will not be airing from April 21 to 23...
Irvin tells Mutya that Cordella is her real mother.
Chabita & Mutya question their guardians who their real parents are.
Aries masks his fear with anger.
Irvin and Mutya spend time together as father and daughter.
Mutya still fall in the hands of school bullies.
Mutya is desperate to reconnect with his real father, Prinsipe Irvin.
Will Mutya get away from her kidnapper or will her secret be revealed?
Mutya ends up in danger while playing hide and seek.
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Date Aired: January 28, 2011
No. of Episodes: 70

Mutya is the lovechild of Cordelia, a human, and Prinsipe Irvin, the prince of the underwater kingdom. However, the relationship of Cordelia and Irvin comes to a halt when Irvin is set to be married to another mermaid, Nerissa. Left alone, Cordelia has no choice but to be a single mother. Upon the birth of Mutya, Cordelia's mother notices that Mutya's legs are attached to one another and in disgust, Cordelia's mother gives Mutya away. Unknown to them, Mutya's disability is actually her mermaid tail forming. Mabubuo pa ba ang pamilya ni Mutya?

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