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Sabel asks for the Lord's help to get her child back.
Anton reiterates that Margaret should kidnap Sabel's child.
The people of Sta. Elena asks for Sabel's forgiveness.
Raymund tries to save Sabel from his gun bearing mother.
Dido leaves the seminary for Sabel.
Bettina believes that Sabel should save her child from the rants of the people of...
Margaret's old ally comes back to town.
Dido testifies against Raymund for Sabel.
Sabel chooses to be in jail rather than going head to head with Margaret.
Sabel is completely unaware of Margaret's upcoming evil plans.
Dido insists that Sabel was led back to Sta. Elena by God to know more about the...
Sabel and her family's return to Sat. Elena are bomabarded with the never-ending...
Jimmy discovers another one of Margaret's lies-enough to pin her in jail for a long...
Sabel becomes furious with Bettina after hearing the recording from Raymund.
Sabel tries to go back to her daily routine.
Margaret and Bettina are finding a way to disinherit Sabel from Eric's wealth.
With Eric gone, Sabel is set to inherit a fortune.
Bettina is fully convinced that Sabel brought about Eric's mishap.
Sabel is determined to fulfill Eric's wishes.
Bettina continues to find new reasons to dislike Sabel.
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Date Aired: December 2, 2010
No. of Episodes: 70

A young woman gets the ire of an entire town for being the daughter of a priest. She struggles but fights hard to overcome the unfair judgement bestowed upon her.

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