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Will there be a happy ending to Victoria and Gelai's journey?
Gelai is grieving for Louie's demise.
Vera does all she can to keep Victoria from telling Gelai the truth.
Will Victoria realize that Gelai is her long lost sister?
The much-anticipated showdown between Victoria and Gelai ensues.
Gelai and Victoria are all set for their most anticipated runway showdown.
Chloe breaks up with Neil.
Louie loses on porpose to help Gelai.
Who will help Gelai in her runway clash up against Victoria?
Gelai and Victoria prepare for their much-awaited runway battle.
Gelai thinks of a way to get back at Vera.
Vera blackmails Gelai to make her work for her.
Will Gelai finally know that Victoria is her long lost sister?
Vera slowly reveals her true face and intentions.
Caloy fights to win back Chloe.
Will Gelai discover Vera's deepest secret?
Neil threatens Caloy to leave Chloe.
Gelai tries to reconcile with Victoria.
Gelai finally decides to break-up with Louie.
Vera finds out about Victoria's miscarriage.
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Date Aired: June 28, 2010
No. of Episodes: 95

Paano kung ang natatangi mong karibal ay iyong kadugo? Separated due to tragedy, sisters, Victoria, the fashion industry's most glamorous and Gelai, a simple seamstress become rivals not only in the fashion industry but also in love in this fashionserye. Victoria is out to get her revenge on Vera Cruz whom she believes that destroyed her life and her family. While Gelai dreams of nothing but to be able to work for her idol who is Vera. When Vera finds out the link that puts Gelai and Victoria together, she is set to put the two against each other, making them bitter rivals. Will Gelai and Victoria eventually discover their connection and be able to put their differences aside?

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