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Will Momay accomplish her mission and save her family? Find out in this exciting...
Raven carries out her devious plot against Shirley.
Shirley and Justin finally reclaim Funland from Hillary.
Mother and son Shirley and Justin are finally reunited.
Momay finds opportunity to help her mother to escape.
Hillary sets up one final scheme with Inkang Tale to trap Momay.
Justin learns the truth about his real identity.
Shirley tries to convince the police that she was kidnapped.
Fred admits the truth about Justin which devastates Hillary.
Shirley tries to escape the mental institution to find Justin.
Momay learns the secret about Justin`s real identity.
Andro's spirit leaves his comatose body and experiences being a ghost.
Andrew helps Momay in finding an important key inside their old house.
Justin finally remembers his dad`s last will about Funland.
Is it time for Momay and Justin to say goodbye to each other?
The wicked lady casts her spell to make Momay vanish.
Justin bails out from jail.
Justin fights back to reclaim Funland.
Momay starts to find her father`s last will and testament.
Justin is determined to fight for his rights.
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Date Aired: May 24, 2010
No. of Episodes: 85

The ghost of a seven year old girl returns to Earth to guide her brother to a better life and amend mistakes of the past.

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