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Who will sacrifice and put an end to Wilfred's evil ways? Find out in this surprising...
Jason protects Rosa from harm.
Will Rosa eventually overcome all the sufferings she has endured in her life?
Cecille tells Wilfred the truth about Alka.
Rosa tries to talk to Alka.
Rosa tells Cecille she wants to be the one to stop Alka.
Cecill begs for Alka to save Rosa from danger.
Teddy risks his life to protect Cecille and Rosa.
Jason asks Veronica to tell what she knows about Wilfred's plans.
Wilfred tortures Aries to speak up about Rosa's whereabouts.
Wilfred threatens Aries to tell where Rosa is.
Wilfred finally learns of Alka's existence.
Aries' life is in grave danger.
Will Aries succeed in saving Rosa from Wilfred's evil plan?
Jason discovers Aries' plot to keep Rosa away from him.
Aries does all he can to keep Rosa away from Jason.
Cecille finds a way to escape from Wilfred.
Jason eagerly tries to locate Rosa.
Rosa learns the truth about Alka.
Cynthia vows to get even with Rosa and Cecille.
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Date Aired: January 1, 2012
No. of Episodes: 112

An ugly hunchback girl carries a little monster on her back which every full moon detaches itself from her, transforming her into a beautiful young lady.

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