Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal?

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Find out who will prevail on Carmela’s heart on the final episode of Magkano Ang...
Tanya faces her greatest fear.
Will Nilo and Carmela surpass the challenges they are facing?
Troy forces Tanya to kill Nilo.
Due to the Halalan 2010 Special Coverage, today`s episode (May 10) is pre-empted.
Will Troy could prevail on his plans?
Tanya tries to forget Nilo.
Nilo and Tanya meet again.
Troy escapes from the police with Carmela.
Troy seeks help from his friend James.
Troy Sandoval kills Andrew.
The authorities invite Mr. Troy Sandoval for an interrogation.
Carmela finds an engagement ring in Troy's office.
Carmela asks Nilo for annulment.
Tanya receives a letter from Denmark.
Nilo gets the approval of Tanya’s father.
Troy suspects Carmella’s unusual behavior
Trying to win her back, Nilo offers help to Tanya and her family.
Nilo sacrifices himself for Tanya.
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Date Aired: January 25, 2010
No. of Episodes: 80

A TV remake of a 1989 Laurice Guillen Classic about a man and a woman's test of love. Nilo (Sid Lucero) and Carmela (Bangs Garcia) seem to have proven their love for each other in spite of the circumstances. But an old friend Troy (Rayver Cruz), who has feelings for Carmela, buys her love and dignity to save Nilo from harm.

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