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Kulilits kids write their own New Year resolutions
Kulilits kids learns the importance of cleanliness
Izzy cooks puto bumbong ang bibingka.
Get tips from Kulilits kids on how to spend less on Christmas
Experience a cheerful day with Bugoy, Cha - Cha and Izzy
Play the best Pinoy sports with Kulilits kids
Learn the importance of respect in everyday life with Cha - Cha, Bugoy and Izzy
Will Cha - Cha learn how to be diligent?
Our Kulilits kids will teach us the value of honesty.
Join Cha - cha, Bugoy and Izzy on their Halloween party
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Date Aired: December 26, 2009
No. of Episodes: 10

Join Cha-cha Cañete, Bugoy Cariño and Izzy Canillo in their playhouse as they laugh and play as they learn everything, from reading and mathematics to singing new songs and dances, in the Kulilits! An educational program that doesn’t just focus of imparting new knowledge and skills but on important values as well, because a Kulilit’s mind is only as good as his or her heart.

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