Nagsimula Sa Puso

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Don’t miss the most awaited final episode of Nagsimula sa Puso.
Carlo tries to escape from Minda.
Jimbo is in critical condition.
Jim operates a plan for Carlo.
Minda plots another evil scheme.
Carlo asks for Celina’s love.
Carlo faces off with Jim.
Julie reveals about Carlo’s son.
Carlo moves out from his hideout place.
Celina tries to escape from Carlo.
Jim discovers Carlo’s hideout place.
Jim continues to seek for Celina.
Celina’s life gets in danger.
Will Celina find Jimbo?
Celina decides to make a deal with Carlo.
Mrs. Ortega hires a lawyer for Minda.
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Date Aired: October 12, 2009
No. of Episodes: 75

All her life, Celina has been controlled by her mother, Minda. Tired of her mother's controlling ways, Celina defies her mother by rejecting her rich boyfriend's marriage proposal and his offer to take her abroad. Her life as a college professor is also turned around when she meets engineering scholar Carlo. At first, she instantly dislikes Carlo, but what happens when Celina gets to know him better? Would she ever consider falling in love with her student?

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