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Samahan si Kuya Kim at Kristel Fulgar sa kanilang matanglawin summer adventure sa...
Samahan si Kuya Kim na harapin at lakbayin ang hamon ng kagubatan sa ilalim ng initan.
Matanglawin adventure goes to Angono.
Kasama si Nash Aguas bisitahin natin ang underwater wonder land at kilalanin ang...
Samahan si kuya Kim sa kanyang matanglawin adventure sa Batanes.
Join Kuya Kim and Teddy on Thailand Special Adventure.
Join Kuya Kim and Jose Atienza on Hongkong Disney Land Adventure.
Join Kuya Kim and Robi on Sarangani Special Adventure.
Kuya Kim talks about Boy Kuryente's special talent on electricity.
Kuya Kim talks about our heart's emotion.
Kuya Kim talks about a kid drummer plays like a rock star.
Kuya Kim talks about different kinds of animal.
Kuya Kim explains about how powerful super typhoon Yolanda.
Kuya Kim welcomes Kabang as he tells the dog's story of being a hero.
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Date Aired: July 1, 2009
No. of Episodes: 14

Accompany Kim Atienza as he travels across the Philippines in of new and interesting information about the unique ecology of our own little plot of earth on this blue planet. As a naturalist and explorer, he will seek out and illuminate nature’s mysteries, demystify myths and legends, and showcase the cultural and natural heritage of the Philippines. Whether it’s exploring the beautiful landscapes or taking on the local wildlife, this program promises to offer the wonders of environmental science with equal parts of adventure.

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