Prinsesa ng Banyera

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Watch the final episode of Prinsesa ng Banyera.
Virgie's life is in peril.
Sigmund, Virgie, Maninging and Eric were married together in civil.
Sigmund visits Maningning.
Octopus and Bukol is planning to change their lives.
Rosa regrets all the trouble she did.
Virgie talks to Rosa in jail.
Habagat still pursues to be with Sandy.
Harry survive the gunshot from Rosa.
Will Harry tell Maningning the truth?
Eric and Charles is looking for Maningning.
Harry tells the truth to Virgie that he is Maningning's father.
What was with the letter Virgie is reading?
Habagat is trying to help Sandy.
Harry's want Rosa than money of Mayor Violeta as replacement of life of Cassandra.
Cassandra's know that her baby is dead.
Cassandra is shot by Harry.
Maningning and Cassandra faces off again.
Sigmund wants ELeanor to get well.
Sandy misses the days she was with Armand.
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Date Aired: July 1, 2009
No. of Episodes: 162

Twin sisters separated at birth live different lives, but fate intervenes and leads them back to each other.

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