Walang Iwanan

Walang Iwanan
Date aired: October 15, 2015
Number of episodes: 35

While his stepfather doesn’t recognize him, and his step-brothers and sister alienate him, Jose (Louise Abuel) finds solace in his grandmothers, with whom he grew up with, Ina and Ebe, who shower the boy with the love that he’s missing out on. Their love prepared Jose to be strong enough to be part of a true family. He grows up to be a fine-mannered boy who just wants a family that loves one another. Trouble happens when the kids find their parents missing one morning and had to fend off for themselves. Jose and Boy (Micko Laurente) try to work their differences out for the sake of their siblings as they hope to find out what happened to their parents and be together once again as a family.

Cast: Jhong Hilario, John Estrada


Walang Iwanan - Episodes

Walang Iwanan - December 4, 2015

Will Kamlon (Jhong Hilario) man up and testify against Tisoy (Ramon Christopher Gutierrez)?...

Walang Iwanan - December 3, 2015

After everything that Jose (Louise Abuel) has done for his siblings, Kamlon (Jhong Hilario)...

Walang Iwanan - December 2, 2015

Jose (Louise Abuel) and his siblings' most-awaited moment has finally come.

Walang Iwanan - December 1, 2015

Anita (Roxanne Guinoo) slowly gains consciousness and wakes up to another nightmare as Kamlon...

Walang Iwanan - November 30, 2015

Jose (Louise Abuel) and his siblings see a ray hope as Dado (John Estrada) becomes their legal...

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EDITH DAVIS: "Beautiful and inspiring story of perseverance! We should not forget to give honor to the...
Ameline Suson: "I always have fun watching the Voice and I always look forward to it. Ang daming magagaling...
Clara Kaichelle: "Nothing but the best only from ASAP20. Love it! Thank you for the sweet treat today!...

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