Tayong Dalawa

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How will they cope with the death of Audrey? Watch the Finale.
JR encounters another tough endeavor in his life.
Will Dave survive in the face of another peril?
Audrey's pregnancy gets complicated.
Marlene becomes desperate on finding Ramon.
Angela is saved from Ramon's hands.
Dave finds out who killed his father.
Marlene ardently confronts Ingrid.
Ramon finally visits Lola Gets in the hospital.
Lola Gets asked JR to find Ramon before she dies.
Ingrid is shocked by a surprise.
Audrey's life is at risk.
JR and Audrey celebrate their love on a honeymoon.
Will Dave plan something evil about JR and Audrey?
JR and Audrey get married.
Audrey is ready to work in Texas.
Ingrid will try to destroy Audrey`s life again.
Dave and JR's rivalry sparks again?
Will Audrey find the truth about her marriage with Dave?
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Date Aired: July 1, 2009
No. of Episodes: 178

Two men, sharing the same name and the same father both fight for the love of the same woman. While JR grows up poor, Dave grows up having everything that he could want and need. When their paths cross as boys, they become the best of friends, but all that is about to change when they both fall in love with the same girl.

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