Bridges of Love

Bridges of Love
Date aired: March 9, 2015
Number of episodes: 105

A story like no other, which shares the tale of two brothers, Gael (Jericho Rosales) and Carlos (Paulo Avelino), who were bound by their promise but separated by an unfortunate tragedy. Then love bridges the distance between Gael and Carlos as they both fall for one woman — Mia (Maja Salvador), a club dancer who happens to be Gael’s greatest love and the woman who healed Carlos’ broken heart. Will their love for Mia be the ultimate test to their brotherhood? In the end, will love be the cure, or will it create an irreconcilable gap that will tear them apart permanently?

Cast: Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino, Jericho Rosales, Carmina Villaroel


Bridges of Love - Episodes

Bridges of Love - August 7, 2015

As Carlos (Paulo Avelino) finds justice for his best friend’s death, will he also find forgiveness...

Bridges of Love - August 6, 2015

Despite having a hard time dealing with Carlos’ (Paulo Avelino) behavior, the Nakpils continue...

Bridges of Love - August 5, 2015

Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) can't hide his secret any longer as Gael (Jericho Rosales) discovers...

Bridges of Love - August 4, 2015

The secret behind Muloy's (Janus del Prado) death is about to unfold.

Bridges of Love - August 3, 2015

Carlos (Paulo Avelino) remains cold-hearted and unwilling to reach out to his family, but he...

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EDITH DAVIS: "Beautiful and inspiring story of perseverance! We should not forget to give honor to the...
Ameline Suson: "I always have fun watching the Voice and I always look forward to it. Ang daming magagaling...
Clara Kaichelle: "Nothing but the best only from ASAP20. Love it! Thank you for the sweet treat today!...

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