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How will Nene live her life without Gabby? Find out in this final episode of Katorse.
How long can Gabby stay healthy?
Gabby's family learns his secret.
Jojo returns after three years.
Gabby surprises everyone with his new girlfriend.
Nene is having second thoughts on the plans of Gabby.
Nene wakes up and escapes death.
Gabby and Jojo made a deal on the future of Nene.
All is worried on Nene’s critical condition.
Gabby discovers the plan of Nene and Jojo.
Nene's life is in danger.
Jojo asks Nene to marry him.
Jojo celebrates his graduation party with Nene.
Nene despises Gabby's wishes.
Can Nene attend the graduation of Jojo now that Gabby is around?
Shakira and Gabby are called to the deans office. Will they be caught for cheating?
Jojo has a new girlfriend.
Jojo asks Nene to elope with him.
Gabby and Jojo have a heated confrontation.
Jojo is frustrated on Nene.
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Date Aired: July 1, 2009
No. of Episodes: 100

A young girls has her first brush with love with an old childhood friend with unwanted consequences. Nene is 14 years old and pregnant. Realizing that her choice should now not only be for herself, she decides to move in with Gabby, her first love and the father of her child. However, Nene is unwanted and instead finds comfort in Jojo, Gabby's best friend. Although still very much in love in Gabby, Nene begins to open up to Jojo as well. Pagdating ng panahon, sino ang pipiliin ni Nene, ang lalaking una niyang minahal o ang lalaking andyan parati para sa kanya? Samahan si Nene sa kanyang paglalakbay para kilalanin pa ang kanyang sarili.

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