Date aired: February 2, 2015
Number of episodes: 147

This is the story of Xander (Enrique Gil), the rebellious and broken unica hijo of a hotel magnate; & Agnes (Liza Soberano), the humble and hardworking daughter of a strawberry farmer in Benguet. Both cross paths when Xander crashes into Agnes’ strawberry truck while base jumping. After the incident, his parents make him pay for the damages & his recklessness by having him work in the strawberry farm without any comfortable amenities, under the guidance of Agnes and her strawberry farm community. The journey towards Xander’s immersion in a totally different world was not easy for both. However, eventually, Xander, with the help of Agnes & their community, will transform from a brash, broken boy to a very charming man loved by everyone. Soon, they will fall in love with each other. But unknown to Agnes, Xander has an unfinished business with his first love, Kate (Sofia Andres). Aside from this, Xander and Agnes` love will be further challenged as they get entangled with the strawberry farm land dispute between their families. Because of this, they both realize that it’s best for them to go separate ways. But as fate would have it, after two years of separation, they meet again, in the most unfavorable circumstance. Xander is proposing to Kate while Agnes is moving on with her best friend Andrew (Yvez Flores). With both given another lease in love, would Xander & Agnes go out of their way to fight for what once was their great love? With English Subtitles.

Cast: Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil


Forevermore - Episodes

Forevermore - May 22, 2015

After Xander (Enrique Gil) decided to move on, Agnes (Liza Soberano) finds it harder and more...

Forevermore - May 20, 2015

Agnes (Liza Soberano) can no longer see any other reason for her to stay in La Presa, so she...

Forevermore - May 19, 2015

Marites (Almira Muhlach) accuses Buboy (Joey Marquez) of limiting Agnes' (Liza Soberano) dreams...

Forevermore - May 18, 2015

As Agnes (Liza Soberano) meets Alex (Erich Gonzales), will there still be a reason for her...

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EDITH DAVIS: "Beautiful and inspiring story of perseverance! We should not forget to give honor to the...
Ameline Suson: "I always have fun watching the Voice and I always look forward to it. Ang daming magagaling...
Clara Kaichelle: "Nothing but the best only from ASAP20. Love it! Thank you for the sweet treat today!...

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