Date aired: July 1, 2009
Number of episodes: 14

A reality television and investigative journalism program that seeks to find definitive answers to some of the most heinous crimes committed in the Philippines. In cooperation with local law enforcement agents and forensic investigators, it will cover all angles of the crime, corroborating witness statements, obtaining concrete evidence, and working out all of the details needed to secure a conviction. A fine piece of forensic programming that should not be missed.


SOCO - Episodes

SOCO - July 26, 2014

A mother and her children barely survive an attack in their own home.

SOCO - July 19, 2014

A girl lives to tell the nightmare that her family went through which left her the lone survivor...

SOCO - July 12, 2014

A woman survives an attempt on her life after armed men force to take her car.

SOCO - July 5, 2014

SOCO solves another heinous crime.

SOCO - June 28, 2014

SOCO solves another heinous crime.

SOCO - Ratings and Reviews

Top Reviews

Piolo Pascual embodies well the conflicting emotions of one thrust into a situation not of his making....
God used her weakness for her to see her weakness. And what's awesome about her testimony was when she...
Very sad story but somehow I was expecting that Mona will give way for Samuel and Isabel though not her...

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