Date aired: September 9, 2010
Number of episodes: 14

A revival of the classic 1997 series, Wansapanataym is a Filipino Fantasy Anthology that follows the stories of everyday people as they encounter myth and magic and how their lives are forever changed by their adventures with the otherworldly.



Wansapanataym - Episodes

Wansapanataym - July 27, 2014

Watch a Wicked But Happy Ending” in the last episode of Witch-A-Makulit.” Despite having a...

Wansapanataym - July 20, 2014

Despite the attempt of Pinong’s (Benjie Paras) family to escape, the witches succeeded in finding...

Wansapanataym - July 13, 2014

After Krystal (Miles Ocampo) confesses to Marvin (Jon Lucas) that she is a witch, she endangers...

Wansapanataym - July 6, 2014

After using her powers and accidentally turning Marvin (Jon Lucas) into a frog, Krystal (Miles...

Wansapanataym - June 29, 2014

Despite the strict orders of her father Pinong (Benjie Paras) and sister Jade (Inah Estrada),...

Wansapanataym - Ratings and Reviews

Top Reviews

Piolo Pascual embodies well the conflicting emotions of one thrust into a situation not of his making....
God used her weakness for her to see her weakness. And what's awesome about her testimony was when she...
Very sad story but somehow I was expecting that Mona will give way for Samuel and Isabel though not her...

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