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Sineskwela reveals how to imitate sounds in this episode.
Sineskwela goes to Singapore!
Sineskwela teaches us how and why animals produce sounds.
Learn about the two kinds of energy in this episode.
How do crayons are made? Find out in this episode of Sineskwela.
Sineskwela takes us on a tour inside a pencil pant.
Learn how plastics are made and recycled in this episode.
See what ailments herbal medicines can heal in this episode.
Sineskwela discusses how shadows are formed.
Know why the sky is blue in this episode of Sineskwela!
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Date Aired: July 1, 2009
No. of Episodes: 10

A multi-award winning educational program, Sineskwela is a science and technology driven series that aims to educate elementary student in a manner that is both informative as it is engaging. It follows the adventures of a group of kids who adventures take them everywhere from the outer space, the center of the earth, and even to the chaotic world of subatomic particle, all in the pursuit of science and a deeper understanding and appreciation for our universe!

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