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Watch Diego Silang's heroic resistance against the spaniards.
What is the message in the letter of Diego Silang to Josefa Gabriela?
Watch how Sultan Kudarat uses his good leadership skills to fight the spanish invaders.
Witness how a blacksmith become a hero in this episode of Bayani.
Watch the battle between Lapu Lapu and the Spanish conquerors.
Our adventurers discuss the highlights of pre-colonial era.
See the trust and honesty between our ancestors and foreign traders in the barter...
See how our ancient leaders unite in this episode.
Witness the journey of Andres Bonifacio towards independence.
Witness the heroism of an ancient warrior known as the Bagani.
Watch how the life of Andres Bonifacio and Gregoria de Jesus revolved around KKK.
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Date Aired: July 1, 2009
No. of Episodes: 11

Bayani is a classic children’s series that dramatizes the extraordinary adventures of two ordinary elementary school student, Noli and Aya, into different episodes in Philippine History where they come to meet and learn about the rich lives of the Philippine’s forefathers and heroes. These are stories that are not only full of lesson about history, but aim to inspire the essential values of patriotism and love for one’s rich and noble heritage as a Filipino.

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