Art Jam

Art Jam - Episodes

Get new ideas from Nina and Epy in making memory box
Play soccer in different way with Epy and Nina
Watch and learn how to make plaster plaque signage
Feel the fun of decoupage nails
Decorate your bottles using abaca
Experience the fun of making silly portraits
Create your own winding bandana
Learn how to make fish kite
Discover how you can use mongo in making instrument
Explore a new way of decorating your own shirts.
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Date Aired: July 1, 2009
No. of Episodes: 10

Exercise your creativity with Art Jam, a fun filled activity centered arts and crafts show that will teach you to make beautiful and innovative works of art from everyday materials whether it be crafting a creative masterpiece that is as imaginative as it is edible or inventive toys and displays from recycled materials and discarded junk. Nothing is impossible with a little imagination!

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