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Who will Larah choose between Nessa and Kare?
Larah is in great danger.
Dante is back, but he is not after Julia this time.
Kare fights for her right as Larah's mother. May laban ba si Nessa?
This episode was preempted due to a special programming.
Matatanggap pa ba ni Larah si Kare bilang ina?
How will the news about Otep affect Larah and her concert? Ito na ba ang magdadala...
Nessa receives a very sad news.
Tumitindi ang banggaan ng pamilya ni Nessa at Kare.
Ito na ba ang tamang panahon para malaman ni Karina ang katotohanan?
After seven long years, Larah will finally discover who Karina really is.
Aamin na si Karina sa isang TV interview.
How will Otep's song change the lives of Kare and Larah?
Larah's album reached platinum. Ano ang susunod na hakbang ni Eric para pasikatin...
Larah gets to know Kare even more. Matatanggap ba niya si Kare kapag nalaman niya...
The competition is now between mother and her daughter.
Julia wants to quit and Kare takes the spotlight.
Julia gets a taste of her father's cruelty.
Simula na ng paghihiganti ni Lorraine.
Can Nessa find the strength to let go of Larah?
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Date Aired: January 18, 2013
No. of Episodes: 83

(THIS PROGRAM'S MARCH 28-29 EPISODES HAVE BEEN PREEMPTED DUE TO SPECIAL PROGRAMMING.) Two girls, a single dream. Julia and Larah both aspire for a life of stardom, one in hope of honoring her adoptive mother, the other in hope of providing a better life for her family. While both of them devote everything they have to their dream, the sad truth of life is that, ultimately, only one of them can truly succeed. Whose dream will be fulfilled? Whose hope will be disappointed?

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