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The lives of Teresa, Celyn and Margaux are now in Diego's hands. May natitira pa...
May kabutihan pa bang natitira kay Diego?
Now that Mio is back, will Celyn and Liam still push with the wedding?
Muling nakatakas si Mio. May ligtas pa ba ang pamilya ni Teresa?
Wounds start to heal, but Mio and Diego's hearts are still bleeding with anger.
Diego is still driven by his anger and pressures Lucas Elizalde to free his father.
Will Diego listen to his mother? Makakaligtas pa ba si Celyn mula kay Mio?
Lucas Elizalde is left with no other choice but to follow Mio's wishes.
Matitikman ni Celyn ang kalupitan ni Mio.
Celyn discovers who Diego really is.
Celyn is now in Mio's hands. Can her family save her? Uusigin na ba ng takot at konsensya...
Celyn and Margaux will push with their plans against Diego. Ito na rin ba ang maglalagay...
Malapit nang mabunyag ang pinakatatagong lihim ni Lucas Elizalde.
Unti-unti nang naghihilom ang mga sugat sa pamilya ni Julio pero pilit itong pipigilan...
Celyn is now in Mio's hands. What can her family do to save her?
May plano si Celyn at Margaux laban kay Diego.
Lumalakas na ang kutob ni Ethan at Celyn kay Diego.
The hunt for Mio begins.
Guilt starts to take over Diego. Siya na rin ba mismo ang makakaligtas kay Teresa...
Julio's life is in great danger.
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Date Aired: October 8, 2012
No. of Episodes: 178

(THIS PROGRAM'S MARCH 28-29 EPISODES HAVE BEEN PREEMPTED DUE TO SPECIAL PROGRAMMING.) Not knowing that their lives are intertwined, fate brings together the underprivileged Celyn and the rich Margaux. They become the best of friends until the truth is revealed and becomes the fuel for their rivalry.

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