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Can Sev still stop Lysa from marrying Noel?
Victor hunts for Noel Crisostomo.
Karen gets punished by her own son.
Is this the end of the line for Karen? At may sikreto pa bang itinatago si Noel?
Noel makes Lysa choose between him and Sev?
There will be a shocking revelation and it will come from Noel.
Can Lysa's feelings for Sev convince her to forgive Carla?
Sev has to choose between saving his mom or Lysa.
Will Sev and Lysa finally get hold of the truth now that they have found Atong?
Lysa and Sev are close to knowing the person, who is behind the death of Albert.
Sev continues to look for evidences that can save Lysa, even if it puts his own life...
Noel assures Lysa that his imprisonment cannot stop them from their plans.
Sev and Lysa work together in finding the truth that will save Noel.
Karen has thought of a plan to ruin Noel and Lysa. Mas umiinit pa ang laban upang...
Lysa's sister, Isabel, refuses to leave Karen while Victor digs deeper into the real...
This is the moment that Lysa has been waiting for. Will Taylor and Isabel decide...
It's over for Sev and Samantha. Does this mean that Lysa will open her heart for...
Sev is close to finding Atong. Will his mother listen to her conscience and tell...
Karen and Victor will hunt those who search for the truth, which puts Sev's life...
Sev continues with his own investigation. What will he do when he finds out that...
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Date Aired: July 16, 2012
No. of Episodes: 79

(AUG. 7, 2012 EPISODE WAS PRE-EMPTED BY WEATHER NEWS COVERAGE.) Admired by men and envied by women, she possesses the beauty that leads to the destruction of her reputation, relationship and her life. Witness Lysa as she finds a way to redeem herself by painting over the scars that the past has left behind.

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