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(This Episode is a Replay) Pipol features Justin Uy, the Mango King.
Pipol presents " Fabio Enrique Posas, The Heart Plumber"
Pipol presents "Grace Ang Tan Caktiong: Sharing Grace"
(This Episode is a Replay) Pipol presents "The Tablea tale of Rachel Choa"
Pipol presents "Hilario Davide Jr. : The First Presiding Officer"
Pipol presents: "Jinggoy Estrada: Heir to an unfinished Legacy"
Pipol presents Michael Cinco and his Impalpable dreams
Pipol presents: Amina Aranaz "The Bag Ladies"
Pipol presents Benito Bautista: "The Story Teller"
Pipol presents "Conchita Carpio Morales"
Pipol presents "Washington Sycip: The Rooster, The Owl, and The Turtle" (This Episode...
Pipol presents "De Lima: In the eye of the storm"
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Date Aired: May 8, 2012
No. of Episodes: 13

[ADVISORY: THE NOV 11 EPISODE OF THIS PROGRM HAS BEEN PREEMPTED TO GIVE WAY TO SPECIAL PROGRAMMING] An exhaustive and in depth profile documentary featuring Filipinos whose work in politics, business, and social development are making a profound and meaningful impact in Philippine society and their communities through their patriotism, courage, and humanity.

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