Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo

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Watch out for Sarah's action-packed face off with Mia. Ito na ang katapusan na hindi...
Mia makes Paul choose between saving his daughter Faith or Sarah?
Sarah and Paul are both captives of Mia. Who can still save them and the children?
Sarah will once again try to save Faith. Magtatagumpay na kaya siya ngayon o madadakip...
This time, Paul sacrifices himself to save his children.
Mia feels victorious while Paul thinks of a plan to capture her. What could have...
Sarah will put her own life at risk to save Mia and Faith.
Macy and Faith are now in Mia's hands. How can Paul and Sarah save the kids?
Mia discovers Sarah and Paul's location.
Mia desperately finds for Sarah and Paul's location.
Mia is desperate which makes her more dangerous.
Will Mia listen to her father this time or is it only Paul who can end her insanity?
Can Sarah and Paul survive Mia's dubious plans?
Now that everyone knows that Mia is behind all the wicked plans against Sarah, will...
Rino tells Sarah the truth but will this be worth it now that their lives are in...
Can Rhino and Nanay Minda escape from Mia's wrath?
Can Mia still find a friend in Elvie or will she also mark Paul's mother as another...
Sarah and Paul are once again engaged which angers Mia even more.
Mia decides to live near Paul and Sarah so she could still continue to ruin their...
Mia invades Sarah and Paul's privacy.
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Date Aired: April 9, 2012
No. of Episodes: 153

When destiny is challenged by reality, what are you willing to give up and how far are you willing to go to fight for your love? Paul and Sarah grow up like brother and sister, looking forward to an eternal friendship. But things change when Sarah’s father dies because of an accident followed by the death of Paul’s father due to guilt, sickness and exhaustion. Paul and Sarah are forced to separate, but destiny takes its course when the two meet again after 7 years.

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